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With SiGMA Asia 2023, an exceptional opportunity arises for individuals interested in the gambling sector to learn, connect and build networks with industry leaders and peers. Attendees can anticipate gaining valuable insights into the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities within the betting industry. By fostering meaningful relationships, participants can lay the foundation for future growth and success in their respective endeavors.

SiGMA Asia 2023 will be held in Manila, Philippines from July 19th to 22nd. If you are interested in discovering more about GamingSoft’s revolutionary iGaming solutions, we invite you to visit our Booth D04, on the 1st floor of the SMX Convention Center.

You can pre-arrange a meeting with us by reaching out to [email protected] or by clicking here. By pre-booking a meeting with one of our sales experts at SiGMA Asia 2023, you can ensure a dedicated discussion tailored to your specific needs. We eagerly await the opportunity to meet you in person in Manila!

We have thoughtfully designed our booth with an open-end flow, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience for all our visitors. Whether you are exploring our cutting-edge solutions or engaging in insightful discussions with our team, our booth at D04 offers a space where ideas can flourish and connections can be forged.

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Benefits Your Brand Can Reap When Collaborating on an Event with GamingSoft during SiGMA Asia 2023


Benefit from a collaboration event announcement showcased on GamingSoft's Events site, garnering attention before, during, and after SiGMA Asia 2023 in Manila.

Experience marketing team support

Receive professional support from GamingSoft's experienced marketing teams to maximize the impact of our collaboration.

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Amplify your brand visibility by featuring on GamingSoft's official site.

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Expand your reach into new markets such as Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

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Foster trust and recognition within the iGaming industry as our operators become acquainted with your brand.

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