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Easter YGG!! 50K Prize Drop!!
Easter YGG!! 50K Prize Drop!!
Easter YGG!! 50K Prize Drop!!

Easter YGG!! 50K Prize Drop!!

3/31/2023 4:00:00 PM

Get ready to crack open the Easter YGG, where a total of €50,000 in different prizes can be won!

Easter YGG - (Prize Drop):

Event Period : 31 March 2023 16:00 UTC+8 - 11 April 2023 05:59 UTC+8

Total Prize Pool:  EUR 50,000


 • Easter Island / 复活岛

• Easter Island 2 / 复活岛 2

• Valley of the Gods / 山谷之神

• E-Force / 英雄出击

• MultiFly! / 飞向奇迹



Easter YGG - (Prize Drop)

1. Prize pool for the Prize Drop campaign is €50,000.

2. There is no minimum bet required to participate in the campaign.

3. Only bets made in play for real mode qualify for the campaign.

4. To participate in the campaign, players shall confirm that they wish to take part in any of the stages of the campaign by clicking

“join now” in the pop-up window. Participating players will take part in the campaign by placing a bet in the participating games

during the campaign period. No additional payment is required to take part in the campaign.

5. Any bet placed on the Easter Island ▪ Easter Island 2 ▪ E-Force ▪ MultiFly! ▪ Valley of the gods , during the campaign period

can trigger a random mystery prize from the prize pool.

6. Each bet can win only 1 random prize reward.

7. Prizes will be awarded throughout the campaign period. A minimum of one of the three most valuable prizes (a “top prize”)

will be awarded during the final period of the campaign, such period being equal to 5% of the overall campaign period (for

example if the campaign period is 100 hours, a minimum of one top prize will be awarded during the final 5 hours).

8. Remaining number of prizes is updated every 60 seconds.

9. Prizes will be credited as cash.

10. Players can win more than 1 random prize reward during the campaign.



1. – Prize pool for: (Prize pool for this campaign is set up in EUR and might be subject to currency conversion fluctuations)

• Easter YGG - (Prize Drop)

Number of Prizes

Price (EUR)





















2. Prize pool for this campaign is set up in EUR and might be subject to currency conversion fluctuations.

3. All prizes won will be automatically credited to the players’ casino accounts instantly.

4. Prizes will be paid out as per the prize pool tab.

5. Yggdrasil reserves the right to not pay out a prize where the win results from any obvious error, mistake or technical fault (including

incorrect game pay-outs) whether caused by a machine or human error in respect of any of the participating games. We further reserve

the right to not pay out a prize where, in our opinion, the win results from cheating or collusion with other players.

6. Azure Tech (Yggdrasil) reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time.

7. All prizes from this campaign will be deducted from the monthly invoice of the respective operator. Note that when cash prizes are

automatically awarded to players, the relevant prize is added to the player’s balance in the respective account currency. Deduction on the

invoices will be credited by Azure Tech (Yggdrasil) in accordance to the currency of the invoice (typically EUR), as per EUR values specified in the prize pool.


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