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Big Gaming — Fishing Games

Fishing Games
Fishing Games
Quick Facts
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Up to 4 players!
  • HUGE arsenal of weapons
  • Massive rewards
  • Dynamic Gameplay
BG Fishing Master is one of the Popular Casino Game that Developed by our Vendor Partner Big Gaming - GamingSoft
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Big Gaming — Fishing Games

Big Gaming is a leading online iGaming product provider in Asia. It has established itself as a brand with stable systems, focused on providing clients high-quality and secure products. Big Gaming secures its wide variety of online gambling products with native-app anti-hijacking.
Big Gaming offers a solid range of API products, including BG Live Casino, BG Poker, BG Daisen Fishing, BG XiYou Fishing, BG Fishing Master, and BG Slots. With their top-tier technical teams and systems, Big Gaming creates industry-leading products and services, helping you seize opportunities and win the market!

Big Gaming Fishing Games Software

Fishing games have been all the rage across the world in recent years and have become a staple in casual competitive games. Big Gaming offers a variety of fishing games software — BG Daisen, BG XiYou, and BG Fishing Master. Its fishing games feature an all-new fishing system that has made a huge splash! With a wide range of rewards and many ways to play, it will excite your players with a different kind of fishing.

BG Fishing Master supports multiplayer online gaming for up to four players. Weapons such as powerful laser cannons, drill cannons, and free cannons will boost your players’ success! The unique level system will allow your players to own more powerful weapons as they accumulate points and level up.

In 2019, Big Gaming unveiled its latest masterpiece — BG XiYou Fishing! Besides bringing back the popular multiplayer online mode, BG XiYou Fishing also incorporates elements from the Chinese literary classic Journey to the West. In this game, you can expect to see characters such as shrimp soldiers, crab generals, and golden horned fish that offer your players huge bonuses. Your players can even challenge the Bull Demon King, the ultimate boss!

The all-new BG Daisen Fishing introduces the super-hot fish-switching system that gives your players a new level of dynamic control over their gameplay. The game combines a Chinese fairytale theme, with treasure pots, kirin fish and more, giving your players a fresh yet nostalgic sense of immersion.

No matter what their luck is like, your players are guaranteed to walk away happy.

Big Gaming’s fishing games all feature complete HTML5 support for full mobile, web and desktop support, so your players can play no matter what platform they are on!


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Top Games

BG Fishing Master

Big Gaming’s first ever fishing game makes a huge splash in the iGaming scene with its Double Trouble, Triple Shot, Mermaid, and Rainbow Chests, as well as fish with high multipliers!
BG Fishing Master is a Type of Casino Fishing Game Provided by the Vendor Partner Big Gaming - GamingSoft

BG XiYou

Following in Fishing Master’s footsteps, BG XiYou brings you the classic fishing game experience with a twist featuring characters from the Chinese classic Journey to the West!
BG Xiyou is a Type of Casino Fishing Game Provided by the Vendor Partner Big Gaming - GamingSoft

BG Daisen

Big Gaming’s latest and greatest in its fishing game lineup. Take things to the next level and give your players an all-new way to tackle the elusive digital fish!
BG Daisen is a Type of Casino Fishing Game Provided by the Vendor Partner Big Gaming - GamingSoft

Other Software

Big Gaming also features a wide variety of Live Casino, Poker and Slot games.

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Casino Fishing Game is One of the Available Game Types under this Casino Provider's Game Catalogue - GamingSoft Fishing Games

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Big Gaming — Fishing Games

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