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Live22 - Fishing Games

Fishing Games
Fishing Games
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  • Thrilling fishing games
  • Massive bonuses
  • Higher margin
  • Higher retention
Sacred Relics is one of the Popular Slot Game that Developed by our Vendor Partner Live22 - GamingSoft
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Live22 - Fishing Games

Positioning itself as an explosive contender in the hyper-competitive online gambling marketplace, Live22 focuses on bringing both clients and operators a win-win iGaming solution, giving you a professional technology solution with its well-rounded team of veteran industry experts.
Live22 is known to be a highly competitive online gambling software provider that caters to your highly unique business and market demands as an online iGaming operator in the Asian market.

Live22 Fishing Games Software

Live22 prides itself in its exciting collection of casino fishing game products, giving you as an iGaming operator a competitive edge by offering this highly popular way for players to gamble!

Live22 takes the classic fishing game experience and gives it a wholly unique set of twists and gameplay mechanics in each of its offerings — Happy Fish, Fishing War, Ocean King 4, Fishing Master, and many more!

Fully focused and savvy to modern iGaming market trends, Live22’s Lucky Fishing gives your players the freedom of vertical-screen support optimized for mobile devices — with super-smooth gameplay that can be operated with one hand!


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Top Games

Happy Fish

Delve into the deep with Happy Fish and hunt for lost treasures! Take aim at the legendary bosses based on mystical creatures and gain even bigger bonuses!
Happy Fish is a type of Casino Fishing Game Provided by Vendor Partner Live22 - GamingSoft

Fishing War

The high seas are at war! Live in the sea is a chaotic and turbulent one. Join the clash and struggle to fight for your place and share of the treasures!
Fishing War is a type of Casino Fishing Game Provided by our Vendor Partner Live22- GamingSoft

Ocean King 4

The ocean is ruled by the mysterious King. Are you brave enough to dive deep into the treacherous waters and discover what the Ocean King has hidden beneath the waves?
Ocean King 4 is a type of Casino Fishing Game Provided by our Vendor Partner Live22- GamingSoft

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Live22 also offers slot games, table games, and arcade games.

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Casino Fishing Game is One of the Available Game Types under this Casino Provider's Game Catalogue - GamingSoft Fishing Games

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