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V2G — Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports
Virtual Sports
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V2G — Virtual Sports

V2G provides land-based and online operators with reliable, cost-effective solutions for them to engage customers 24/7 in entertaining and innovative gaming experiences. Their content offer includes 3D football action, 3D horse races, real fighting, HD basketball, numerous pre-recorded video races, and numbers games.

V2G Virtual Sports Software

V2G Virtual Sports from GamingSoft lets your players bet on a wide selection of virtual sports matches from some of the most popular games — Virtual Football, Horse Racing, Formula 1, and so on, With a virtual sports product, you are freed from the inconsistency and unpredictability of match scheduling and the availability of real sports.

Virtual Sports also open up the possibility of dream matchups among teams that have no chance of playing one another in real life, adding an extra layer of appeal and excitement that cannot be found in real sports betting!


GamingSoft’s unified API gives you access to the full package. Not only do you get access to the full catalog from V2G’s Virtual Sports matches, but you also gain access to the full range of products and providers in GamingSoft’s provider library.

Get GamingSoft Global for a full-featured White Label Solution that covers the entire process of starting your own online casino — from development to launch — or, GamingSoft Connect for a robust iGaming API Solution that gives you full access to a wide variety of Live Casino, Sportsbook, Slots and other iGaming products as well as a powerful back-office software with insightful player analytics.

By integrating with GamingSoft and our unified API solution, you will always be up-to-date with the latest and greatest from V2G — giving you the competitive edge you need to dominate the online virtual sports betting market!

Top Games

Virtual Football

The most played virtual soccer in the world makes a qualitative visual leap forward, becoming the most authentic 3D football simulation in the market. Mastering the latest motion capture trends, their outstanding Visual FX team has developed a full set of proprietary technologies that establish a major precedent in the virtual games industry. The result is a spectacular virtual football that combines all the elements that both players and operators love, consolidating it as the undisputed top revenue virtual sport.
Virtual Football is a Virtual Sportsbook Game Provided by the Vendor Partner V2G - GamingSoft

Horse Racing

This magnificent virtual horse racing game in 3D will capture your imagination because of the beautiful realism with which it simulates real horse racing. The best 3D action and graphics ensure an identical flesh-and-blood horse sprint and surroundings where you can place your ads on the track.
Horse Racing is a Virtual Sportsbook Game Provided by the Vendor Partner V2G - GamingSoft

Grand Prix Indianapolis 60

Grand Prix Indianapolis 60 is an exciting and innovative virtual game consisting of a car racing series from Indianapolis in a mixed video and animation format, specially designed for mobile. There are six teams represented by colors and each team has three drivers, of which two are chosen to start the race. The race begins with twelve cars and all positions are determined by the system, with players able to place bets on the markets based on that information.
Grand Prix Indianapolis 60 is a Virtual Sportsbook Game Provided by the Vendor Partner V2G - GamingSoft

Other Software

V2G also features a wide variety of live casinos and slot games.

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Virtual Sports Betting is One of the Game Types that Available in our Sportsbook Partner - GamingSoft Virtual Sports

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