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With the widespread adoption of casual gaming through mobile devices, the modern gambling industry is beginning to see a massive push towards skill-based gambling products. Players are no longer satisfied with only pure RNG games such as slots and other table games — there is a demand for games of skill, where the player’s performance in a game influences their winnings.

Fishing Game products are proving to be a surprise hit in the iGaming industry. The premise is simple — players can load bullets with their in-game credits, and shoot at fishes passing overhead. Bigger and special fishes award the player with more bullets (credits) when shot down (or caught, depending on the game), giving the player even more bullets to shoot at the fishes!

This simple but engaging gameplay loop of shooting fishes to win more credits is proving to be massively popular, and is sure to please players who want their skill to be a factor in their gambles!

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Featured Games

  • 1
    Big Gaming
    BG Fishing Master

    Big Gaming’s first ever fishing game makes a huge splash in the iGaming scene with its Double Trouble, Triple Shot, Mermaid, and Rainbow Chests, as well as fish with high multipliers!

  • 2
    Big Gaming
    BG XiYou

    Following in Fishing Master’s footsteps, BG XiYou brings you the classic fishing game experience with a twist featuring characters from the Chinese classic Journey to the West!

  • 3
    One Shot Fishing

    Fish for gold coins, collect dragon balls and summon dragons! Receive higher multiplier bonuses as you progress through the game, and take aim at the Boss Dragon!

  • 4

    Hunt down the prehistoric crocodile in this highly-anticipated release! With brand new explosive fish species, players can enjoy massive bonuses when they play!

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