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  • Provable fairness games
  • World class art designed by in-house designers
  • Offer tailor-made and localized products
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AdvantPlay — Slot Games

AdvantPlay, founded in 2020, is a new generation gaming solution provider dedicated to developing unique casino games and delivering real-life entertainment experiences to the world of i-gaming.
Being a young company enables them to be unabashedly imaginative and unique, and their youth doesn't hinder them from striving to be the best in the market. They infuse everything they do with creativity, innovative ideas, and enthusiasm.

AdvantPlay Slot Games Software

AdvantPlay from GamingSoft boasts a solid library of slot games with a strong visual identity. They offer an exquisite user interface, combined with immersive sound design and music, to truly engage players in the gaming experience. With their consistent release schedule and strong brand identity, you will definitely have an advantage with AdvantPlay in your games portfolio.


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Top Games

Genie Mystery

In the far away palace, lies a shining golden magic lamp resting on an exquisite cushion. Suddenly, the lamp begins to vibrate, and the Genie emerges, growing into a huge body that hardly fits within the entire palace. "Genie Mystery" is a thrilling 6-reel, 5-row video slot game, featuring exciting elements such as the Avalanche Reel, Free Games, Consecutive Multiplier, and Multiplier Symbol. Come and visit the magnificent palace, where you may have the chance to make your wishes come true with the help of the Genie.
Genie Mystery is a Slots Game Provided by the Vendor Partner AdvantPlay - GamingSoft

Racing for Luck

On the bustling streets of racing, players transform into fearless racers, drifting and upgrading their high-speed racing cars. Form your dream team, break the limits, and aim for high prizes! "Racing for Luck" offers a heart-pounding 5-reel, 3-row video slot experience, with incredible features like Free Games, Stacked Wild, Random Wild, Avalanche Reel, re-spin, and Multiplier Wild. Collect more than three FREE GAME trophies to access the exhilarating free games! Win racing cars with unique skills, and prepare yourself for a series of adrenaline-pumping, money-winning events!
Racing for Luck is a Slots Game Provided by the Vendor Partner AdvantPlay - GamingSoft

Boom of Prosperity

Amidst the crackling sound of firecrackers, the atmosphere of an annual celebration slowly builds. The town comes alive with fireworks blooming, spreading joy to every street and alley. Join the festivities in this small town with "Boom of Prosperity," a captivating 5-reel, 3-row video slot game, boasting thrilling features like Free Games, Collected Symbols, Jackpot, and more. Embrace the joy of celebration, put on your new clothes, gather on the streets, and witness the magical display of fireworks, as you eagerly look forward to rejoicing in the annual festivity!
Boom of Prosperity is a Slots Game Provided by the Vendor Partner AdvantPlay - GamingSoft

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The Mobile Slot Game is One of the Available Game Types under this Casino Provider's Game Catalogue - GamingSoft Mobile Slots
The Progressive Jackpot is Available in the Game Catalogue of this Casino Provider - GamingSoft Progressive Jackpot

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