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  • Creatively host cross-game jackpot tournaments spanning multiple games.
  • Establish 3S (Speedy Setup Solution) efficient installation solution components
  • Exclusive Cyberbox backend management tool

Espresso Games - Slots
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Espresso Games - Slots

Since 2002, the elite team of Espresso Games has been continuously dedicated to innovative game design and sophisticated system development. Over the years, the brand has become synonymous with quality assurance, becoming a sought-after partner for both operators and players in the online gaming industry. The slot games they develop feature differentiated functions, such as cross-game jackpot tournaments spanning multiple games and progressive reel jackpots, which have the ability to consistently attract player participation, thus fostering player loyalty to the brand.
Espresso Games' exclusive CyberBox backend management tool is equipped with a wide range of analytics and promotional tools, devoted to helping their partners achieve efficient operations and expand their business capabilities. The features within the CyberBox tool, such as bonus systems, VIP clubs, prize exchanges and jackpot polling, are just a small fraction of the available solutions for building effective promotional activities. Espresso Games has even prepared more trump cards to help their business partners reach new heights. Additionally, Espresso Games' 3S (Speedy Setup Solution) efficient installation solution components are quick and easy-to-integrate game modules. They can manage various player configurations or restrictions related to participation in gambling activities in the online gaming field. Through continuous optimization, Espresso Games has already laid the foundation for creating another 20 years of legendary achievements.

Espresso Games - Slots Software

Espresso Games from GamingSoft boasts a solid library of slot games with a strong visual identity. They feature an exquisite user interface, blended with immersive sound design and music to truly bring the player into the game. With their consistent release schedule and strong brand identity, you will definitely be at an advantage with Espresso Games on your games portfolio.


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Top Games

Amun Ra

Amun Ra takes inspiration from the famous Egyptian mythology as the game backdrop, incorporating elements such as papyrus, pharaohs, and the golden mask of Tutankhamun as symbolic settings to immerse players in the theme. The game features a bonus multiplier function, where players can choose to accept the current bonus and proceed to the next round of the slot upon a successful combination, or they can take up the challenge to win a doubled bonus by correctly identifying the "A" card face among two playing cards. The bonus multiplier function can only be played for a maximum of 5 rounds, after which the system will automatically return to the main game interface. Alternatively, if players make an incorrect guess during the bonus multiplier function, they must restart the slot machine game and can only trigger the bonus multiplier function again upon achieving a successful combination in the next round. Now, seize the opportunity to double your winnings! Will you be the player to achieve a winning streak of 5 rounds?
Amun Ra

Fortune Race Deluxe

Fortune Race Deluxe is one of the progressive jackpot championships offered by Espresso Game, along with the game selections of Fruit Race Deluxe, Gold Race Deluxe, and Sphinx Race Deluxe. Fortune Race Deluxe features various cartoon animals as symbol representations, captivating players with its vibrant visual presentation and making them eager to start playing! In this game, players from around the world not only have the opportunity to win money in their respective games but also compete for an additional Racepot bonus. The game interface displays real-time rankings, as well as the list and rankings of other participating players. Only the top 3 players can share the Racepot bonus, taking home a substantial prize!
Fortune Race Deluxe

Lucky 7

Lucky 7 stands out with its clean and minimalist game style, and the symbol of the number 7 creates a sense of familiarity for players, allowing them to quickly get the hang of it. In this game, when 3 special bonus symbols appear on the first, second, and third reels, the Lucky Rainbow Bonus game is triggered, granting players 7 chances for free spins. If 3 special bonus symbols appear on the third, fourth, and fifth reels, the Colour Bonus game is triggered, where players need to manually click on one of the special bonus symbols on the reels to reveal the number of free spins won. Regardless of which game is activated, the level of excitement in the game is greatly enhanced.
Lucky 7

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The Mobile Slot Game is One of the Available Game Types under this Casino Provider's Game Catalogue - GamingSoft Mobile Slots
The Progressive Jackpot is Available in the Game Catalogue of this Casino Provider - GamingSoft Progressive Jackpot

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Espresso Games - Slots

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