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  • Developed 500 new regional slots to meet the preferences of players worldwide
  • Collaborate with industry leaders for resource sharing and strive for top benefits for players
  • Actively participate in industry summits such as SiGMA to stay updated with the latest trends and information
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KA Gaming - Slots

KA Gaming, which stands for “Kick-Ass” Gaming, fully embodies the company’s attitude and vision with an aim to provide a range of outstanding games, elevating players’ gaming experience. Although the team at KA Gaming comes from diverse cultural backgrounds, they share a united commitment to implementing the brand’s philosophy. To date, they have released nearly 500 regional games, including titles that draw inspiration from Chinese traditions like “Treasure Bowl” and “Emperor Qin” , as well as games set in the backdrop of Indian mythology like “Fortune Ganesha”. They have even included Western-themed games such as “Bull Stampede" and "Da Vinci" in their game library, catering to the diverse preferences of players worldwide.
KA Gaming is actively engaged in the online gaming industry throughout the year, participating in industry events such as SiGMA and iGB summits to stay updated with the latest information. This ensures that players receive firsthand news at the fastest speed. While it is no longer a secret that KA Gaming collaborates and shares resources with industry leaders, they go beyond that by establishing deep partnerships with top game suppliers. In addition to that, KA Gaming strives to secure high welcome bonuses and other benefits for players. Their level of commitment to developing the brand is reflected in their name, "Kick-Ass."

KA Gaming Software

KA Gaming from GamingSoft boasts a solid library of slot games with a strong visual identity. They feature an exquisite user interface, blended with immersive sound design and music to truly bring the player into the game. With their consistent release schedule and strong brand identity, you will definitely be at an advantage with KA Gaming on your games portfolio.


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Top Games

Treasure Bowl

KA Gaming’s one of the popular choices is the slot game “Treasure Bowl” with 243 paylines that has been launched with abundant rewards. Not only does the game design incorporate dazzling elements of wealth to attract players’ attention, but it also introduces a free game mechanism, giving players the opportunity to constantly challenge high prizes! In the game, the Wild symbol is represented by the image of the Fortune Bowl, and it can replace all symbols. It only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, creating more possibilities for players to achieve victories. By starting the game, players will have up to 2,762 ways to win, so it's important to stay focused and concentrate on the challenges. This slot game is definitely worth every penny!
Treasure Bowl is a Slots Game Provided by the Vendor Partner KA Gaming Slot - GamingSoft


“Luck88” takes Chinese traditional culture as its game theme, incorporating auspicious mythical creatures such as the dragon, pixiu, golden toad, and longevity turtle as symbolic representations. These symbols symbolize good luck and prosperity for players who engage in this game. The game has a total of 243 paylines, and with up to 96% RTP, there are 2,762 chances for winning awaiting players. This increases the probability of hitting winning combinations, ensuring that players experience a truly exhilarating gaming experience!
Luck88 is a Slots Game Provided by the Vendor Partner KA Gaming Slot - GamingSoft

Bonus Mania

“Bonus Mania” adopts the classic 777 theme as the background setting, which is the most iconic background setting in slot games. In this game, the familiar single 7, double 7, and triple 7 symbols represent different payout amounts, providing players with an even more thrilling experience. It's worth noting that when the game's re-spin feature is triggered and players are lucky enough to win on the same payline again, they will randomly receive a bonus multiplier of 1 to 5, significantly increasing the level of excitement and surprise of the game.
Bonus Mania is a Slots Game Provided by the Vendor Partner KA Gaming Slot - GamingSoft

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