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Lotto Instant Win (LIW) — Lotto

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  • Live Lotto
  • High Volume of Draws
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Lotto Instant Win (LIW) — Lotto

Lotto Instant Win aims to revolutionize the lottery betting industry through its great effort in development. Through in-depth market research, they have come to understand what is needed for the organization of games and, as such, developed a unique way to operate from scratch. This venture required the effort of a great number of engineers to ensure the quality of the machines and the software required for 5 different studios.
With its many advantages, Lotto Instant Win (LIW) prides itself on its innovative approach to its product and positions itself as a valuable partner to its clients.

Lotto Instant Win (LIW) Lotto Software

Lotto Instant Win (LIW) claims to have a unique lotto product whose development and testing lasted several years. Every piece of equipment is designed to last incomparably longer than anything currently on the market. This is because it was developed for the purposes of high frequency in the draws and games in comparison to classic live lotteries. This way, Lotto Instant Win (LIW) manages a high volume of Lotto games while still offering a reliable live video feed from the studio.


GamingSoft’s unified API gives you access to the full package. Not only do you get access to Lotto Instant Win (LIW), but you also gain access to the full range of products and providers in GamingSoft’s provider library.

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By integrating with GamingSoft and our unified API solution, you will always be up-to-date with the latest and greatest from Lotto Instant Win (LIW) — giving you the competitive edge you need to dominate the online betting market!

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Lotto Instant Win (LIW) is engineered to handle a high volume of live lotto draws, offering your players an even more personal and exciting classic gaming experience!
Lotto is a Casino Game Provided by the Vendor Partner Lotto Instant Win - GamingSoft

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Lotto Instant Win (LIW) also features numbers game betting products.

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The Lotto Software is One of the Available Game Types under this Casino Provider's Game Catalogue - GamingSoft Lotto

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Lotto Instant Win (LIW) — Lotto

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