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Lucky Streak - Live Casino

Since 2014, LuckyStreak has been dedicated to elevating the live casino world by blending gamification, innovation, and style, creating an unforgettable and thrilling gaming experience. This dedication has helped establish them as a leading B2B provider of live casino products and gaming solutions.
Their online casino platforms are designed to guarantee the most engaging and rewarding gaming experience. LuckyStreak adopts an entertainment-first approach that prioritizes player engagement, driving consistent revenue growth for operators.

LuckyStreak Live Casino Games Software

LuckyStreak from GamingSoft boasts a solid library of games with a strong visual identity. The games feature an exquisite user interface, complemented by immersive sound design and music, which truly captivate players and immerse them in the gaming world. With a consistent release schedule and a strong brand identity, partnering with RiCH88 on your games portfolio will undoubtedly put you at an advantage.


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Top Games

Live BlackJack

Introducing Blackjack, the world's most widely played casino game, now made even better. The game is set in an exciting casino atmosphere, where players can fully immerse themselves in the experience with the help of a live dealer who offers a variety of enthralling side bets and betting opportunities. The Bet Behind feature allows players to bet on a hand dealt to another player and share the same outcome of that player’s hand. By referring to the game statistics, players can make informed decisions on which players to place their bets on. This is also known as the 'Hot Or Not Stats.' Side Bets, including 21+3 and Perfect Pair, have been added for that extra kick of fun. To make gameplay speedier and easier, Pre Decision Buttons are introduced to allow players to decide whether to hit, stand, split, or double down without waiting for their turn.
Live BlackJack is a Live Casino Game Provided by the Vendor Partner Lucky Streak - Live Casino - GamingSoft GamingSoft

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Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat by LuckyStreak offers an experience like no other. This high-stakes game, popular among Asian players, is set in a chic environment that adds to the excitement and energy of the gameplay. Besides offering a wide range of betting options, this game has the advantage of allowing an unlimited number of players to participate at the same table, providing the operator with potentially limitless revenue opportunities. With just one click, players can access the Side Bets feature, while Pair Bets can be placed on either the Player or the Banker. Various types of pairs, including Perfect (suited) and Any (unsuited) pairs, as well as Big and Small bets (based on the total number of cards dealt), are available.
Live Baccarat is a Live Casino Game Provided by the Vendor Partner Lucky Streak - Live Casino - GamingSoft GamingSoft

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Live Roulette

When it comes to Live Roulette, no one does it as well as LuckyStreak. Thanks to full HD 16:9 broadcasting and the presence of engaging and professional presenters, players can enjoy a comfortable and entertaining gaming experience throughout the game. Useful tips, key features, and settings are well presented with style, making it easier for players to immerse themselves in the game. French-style combination call bets, such as Voisins du zéro, Le tiers du cylindre (Thirds of the wheel), Orphelins (orphans), corners, and splits are also available. With upgraded and enhanced live replay options and multiple new angles, a richer experience is now within reach.
Live Roulette is a Live Casino Game Provided by the Vendor Partner Lucky Streak - Live Casino - GamingSoft GamingSoft

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Other Software

LuckyStreak also features a wide variety of table games.

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Live Baccarat is One of the Game Types that Available in our Online Casino Partner - GamingSoft Live Baccarat
Live Blackjack is One of the Game Types that Available in our Online Casino Partner - GamingSoft Live Blackjack
Live Roulette is One of the Game Types that Available in our Online Casino Partner - GamingSoft Live Roulette

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