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VG Entertainment Table Games

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VG Entertainment Table Games

VG God of Wealth Chess and Card Games is a subsidiary of VG Entertainment. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has always adhered to the principles of quality first, integrity and reliability, and win-win cooperation, committed to creating a fair, just, and exciting gaming environment for chess and card players.
VG Entertainment has independent R&D teams, each of which is composed of core members with decades of experience in the industry, including game planning, art design, technology development, online testing, and operational support. After years of focusing on designing chess and card games, VG Entertainment's R&D team has accumulated rich experience and has continuously launched multiple stable and profitable products, driving the company to new heights in the field.

VG Entertainment Table Games Software

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Top Games

Poker Bull

Poker Bull is a game where everyone plays against each other. Each game requires a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players. In the game, a deck of 52 poker cards without the Jokers will be used and shuffled before the game starts. Each player will be randomly dealt 5 cards in each round, which will form their own hand. Then, a live dealer and multiple live players will compare their cards one-on-one, and the winner will be determined based on the size of their respective hand rankings. At the end of each round, the winner can receive the corresponding rewards, but it is important to note that the system will deduct 5% of the profit from each round as a service fee.
Poker Bull is a Table Game Provided by the Vendor Partner VG Entertainment GamingSoft

Triple Poker for Hundreds

Triple Poker for Hundreds uses 52 poker cards excluding Jokers, to start the game. In the game, the system will automatically deal three cards each to the banker and four player areas (East, South, West, and North). Players can click on their favorite area to place bets, and within the time limit, players can place bets multiple times. After the cards are drawn, the system will compare the hand rankings of the banker and the player areas respectively. If the banker wins, players must pay the corresponding coins according to the multiple of the banker’s hand ranking, or vice versa.
Triple Poker for Hundreds  is a Table Game Provided by the Vendor Partner VG Entertainment GamingSoft

Blood Mahjong

In Blood Mahjong, players can choose to participate in a total of six levels of mahjong halls such as the Beginner’s Hall or the Supreme Hall on the home page to start playing mahjong. The game uses 108 tiles consisting of 1-9 characters, circles, and bamboo. Players can “kong” and “pung” during the game, but they are not allowed to eat other players' tiles. There is a special rule in the game called "changing three tiles", where players randomly choose to exchange three tiles with either their opponent, the player on their right, or the player on their left. During this process, all the selected tiles will be hidden from other players. After exchanging three tiles, the game will show the three new tiles received by the player and place them in the same suit, making the game more exciting.
Blood Mahjong  is a Table Game Provided by the Vendor Partner VG Entertainment GamingSoft

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The Three Card Poker Software is One of the Available Game Types under this Casino Provider's Game Catalogue - GamingSoft Three Card Poker

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